Training and Workshops from People Pot
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What would it be like to know that the technical and people skills you are learning will transform you and your business? Empowering? Motivating? Performance enhancing?

When we think about our professional and personal lives we often take it for granted that we will know just what to do at the right time. And quite often we do, its called experience!

Sometimes we run out of ideas and just need to look at things from a different perspective or learn something new that can help us take things in a new direction and achieve different results.

As the old saying goes ” if you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got”. Investing in your development and building your capabilities can lead to personal and professional breakthroughs, solutions to your organisations challenges and simply giving you the confidence to get out there and make your mark!

personal development training

Leadership & Management

Want to take your leadership to the next level? Want to know the tools and techniques the best leaders use to get results?

Our blended approach to your leadership development draws on a range of tools and techniques that is tailored to you, whatever stage you are in your leadership career.

Some of the benefits you can receive from our training are:

  • Expanding your leadership presence
  • Improving your confidence as a leader
  • Identifying your signature strengths
  • Increasing your emotional intelligence
  • Improving your relationships
  • Tools to lead successful change
  • Building your resilience
develop leadership qualities

Effective Communication

How does your business currently rate its communication? Do your customers understand what you offer? Do your employees positively reinforce your brand?

Some of the benefits of our communication training include:

  • Deeper connections within your organisation
  • Improved team performance and impact
  • Tapping into the creative potential within teams
  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved listening skills and clarity
  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness to change


Do your people feel connected to each other and their customers?

As individuals and organisations we can forget how powerful good communication and the feeling of connection can be.

We communicate in order to help us be understood, to give a message or to create connection with our teams and customers.

When we understand how we work as human beings and the impact that this can have on ourselves and others, we show up more openly and authentically and thats when the best connections, ideas and results come about.

the 4 cs circle

Coach Training

Have you experienced coaching and want the tools to self coach? Are you a leader that wants to coach your people to success? Do you want to build an internal coaching team? Are you a coach that wants to explore your coaching approach in a new way?

We deliver a range of coaching courses that blend a variety of coaching models, to give you a broad foundation for your coaching skills.

Our approach is grounded in an understanding of the Principles that underpin our psychological experience and the human operating system, getting to the heart of what is at play in human terms. This combined with the practical aspects of coaching, is delivered in a way that gets you using your coaching skills from the outset. We all have natural coaching capabilities and our approach taps into this inner resource and enables you to translate this into your own unique style of coaching.

Our programmes are bespoke and specifically tailored to you and your business, so that our training delivers the right solution for you.


The potential benefits of our coaching training for your organisation are:

  • Increased confidence in people management skills
  • Better performance and outcomes
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • Understanding of organisational behaviour
  • A positive environment to support change
  • Improved morale and employee resilience


If you are interested in our open training programme for coaches and leaders starting February 2017 please click here:

Masterclasses and Workshops


Internal Coaches

Do you already have an internal coaching programme? Is it important for your coaches to continuously develop and reflect on their coaching?

Our masterclasses and workshops create the opportunity for your coaches to explore other coaching models and blend them with their existing skills. This increases their confidence, flexibility and impact as professional coaches.

Whatever training your coaches have had we can tailor an approach that suits them and blend new skills and models of coaching that will enhance and improve what is already in place.

CPD for HR Professionals


Are you a HR Professional wanting to take the next step? Do you and your HR team want to make a bigger impact? Are you confident that your CEO values your contribution?

As HR professionals we are always at the centre of change. Whether our organisation is expanding or contracting, moving in new directions or delivering complex change projects HR are right in the thick of it!

Our profession rightly demands that we continuously develop. Most of us will read People Management, attend local events and employment law updates and perhaps undertake knowledge based training which are all very valuable resources in our learning. In addition to these resources what else do we need to do to get us noticed and give us credibility and respect within our business?

For HR professionals, more often than not, it is not what we know but how we go about it that makes the real difference. Our Masterclasses and workshops aim to explore that in more detail and give you the tools to be the go-to resource for both HR and organisational advice within your business.

We cover a range of areas including:

  • HR with impact that lasts
  • The non – HR skills that get you noticed
  • The HR Brand
  • Listening with a different ear
  • The language of people leadership
  • The coach approach to HR
cpd for professionals

The Coaches Tip

If you are coaching a client or member of staff and you feel the urge to give a solution rather than coach, remember the wise words of one of my fellow coaches.

“Stay in the now and not in the know”.

Ask yourself, “what is the question that will most help my client find their own solution right now?” Trust your instincts and powers of observation.